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eCommerce Image Editing Service

Ecommerce retailers make up almost one-third of the online image editing clientele. Ecommerce businesses rely heavily on visual effects. That means you need to do multiple layers of editing on each product photo. And it can take up so much of your time. That is why we have special services curated for eCommerce Photos.

Why Avail Professional Ecommerce Image Editing

Ecommerce businesses are a game of visuals. You need to get more click-through rates to come on top of the competition. And that is only possible when the customers are enticed into clicking your product. Most customers will pick a product that is photographed better over other products even if they are pricier. A professionally curated image gives off the message that a product is well made, and the seller knows what they are doing.

A very novice mistake is marketing your products with poor images. This will only hinder your chances of getting a good CTR. It doesn’t matter how good your product description is, or how affordable you are making it if the accompanying image is of poor quality.

We can take your image from mediocre to professional with slight editing, to absolutely customized compositions. It is always best to get a set of professional eyes on your image before going to an eCommerce listing with it. We have extensive services available when it comes to polishing up eCommerce Image editing.

Services In Our Ecommerce Photo Editing

Ecommerce businesses are reliant on their click-through rates. And to get a better click-through rate you need a better visual – something that compels your audience to click on your product. And to make your product look reliable and authentic you need to spend a lot of time editing those photos. This often creates an image editing backlog. Before things pile up, hand them over to us-

Background Removal:

For images with products, it is absolutely crucial that the focus stays on the product itself. This can often mean you have to remove images, objects, people, or traffic from the background. We can easily do that with our image manipulation experts.

Shadow Effect:

Once you remove the background and other objects from a photo, the image becomes flat and the subject of the photo starts looking dull. We can add a shadow to make the subject of the photo appear more realistic and dynamic. With eCommerce websites, people want to feel like they are getting the best quality, and that begins with a professional-looking photo. Adding shadows to a photo is where most people mess up. It starts looking murky, grey, and most often disproportional.

We have expertise in shadow curation, and especially putting shadow effects on product photos that perform well on eCommerce sites.

Color Correction:

Colour matching is something to be specifically aware of when you are doing eCommerce photography for a client. We can help you get the exact color of the product by grouping photos and matching them to a color or a color value. For advanced color matching, it can take you days or even a few weeks to get it absolutely correct. But with our experience and expertise, we can get it done within hours. Photo color correction adds to the overall ambiance of the photo as well as helps you meet your client’s request.

Hollow Mannequin Effect

For Clothing items, the best click-through rates come from photos that showcase how the clothes look when worn. But, hiring models can be very expensive, and having a mannequin can be extremely distracting. So, the easiest way to go about this is taking photos of the clothes on a mannequin and then editing the mannequin out of the image. we can remove the mannequin and make the product the center of the photo. The hollow mannequin effect takes skills and patience. It is tedious work, but we can take care of it for you.

Product Photo Cleanup

Product photos don’t always come clean and scratch-free. Sometimes even the best photographers end up with less than ideal results. But that doesn’t mean all your efforts have to go to waste. We can make your photos look as polished as you want with our photo cleanup. We can remove swells, dust, and scratches. The end result is a professional-looking eCommerce retail-worthy product photo.

Photo Composition

We can take your online product shoot to the next level by merging multiple images together to come up with something that wasn’t there before. This is most useful in creating dynamic-looking editorial photos. We can add several images, do a necessary color correction to have them match up perfectly, and curate something entirely new for you. This is a very popular technique that ensures you get the most out of any product shoot.

And we have experience in curating the most beautiful photo compositions!

Why Choose Us?

Now, why would you come to us specifically if you can get these services with an eCommerce photo editing software or random free eCommerce photo editing deals? That’s because we separate ourselves from any other run-of-the-mill photo editing company out there. Between our photo editors and graphic designers, we have years of experience in this particular industry that makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We have experience in serving a wide array of clients, and we have spent a good few years perfecting our services towards eCommerce Image Editing. This way you only get the best service meant for you. We have the best pricing plans out there. From years of experience in this industry, we understand that not every image is going to have the same problems. Every image is unique and so are our prices. We will only charge you for the things you get done. No more, No less, and No hidden charges!

Reach out to get a quote!