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Image Shadow Service

One of our most demanded services is our drop shadow creation. Photos that look slightly off, or unrealistic mostly always require some drop shadow retouching. Having a well-structured drop-shadow to a product photo can make your product page seem that much more reliable and realistic.

Most photos that come to us for retouching look more organic after the drop shadow is applied. If you are selling products online, you will find that a retouched photo will get you better click-through rates than a clumsy, unprofessional-looking one.

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What is Drop Shadow?

In simpler terms, it is a floating shadow that mimics the multidimensional shadow of an object in real life.

Let’s say you were to take photos of a book you’re selling, the book would naturally have shadows opposite to where the light source is.

But, here’s the catch. In real life, light isn’t limited in one direction. The light sources in your photo might be illuminating the object from different angles. And, this creates a 3D effect of the shadow in the background.

When you try to photograph the book, though, due to camera angles, and limited lighting and equipment, you are more than likely to lose the natural shadow effect.

That is where our drop shadow service would come in. We would use several illustration techniques to create a drop shadow to look exactly as it would in real life. And the end result would be a natural and reliable-looking product photo.

It is one of the most frequently requested services in the graphics design industry. It is the best shadow-casting practice when it comes to eCommerce photography. It also makes the object look like it is directly under the sun.

Do You Need the Drop Shadow Service?

That depends on what you are doing with the image you want to have retouched. Most frequently the following industries require our expert drop shadow services:

●      eCommerce:

eCommerce retailers make up most of the clientele that are frequent users of this service. As we have mentioned before, the increase in click-through rates is quite evident if the photo looks more polished and professional. And as most of the eCommerce platforms are dependent on CTR, the sellers do everything they can to make the product look and seem trustworthy and natural. A drop shadow effect goes a long way in making a product more attractive and getting good click-through rates.

●      Food Photography:

Another big industry that frequently requires this service is food photography. Even the best photographers cannot capture all the natural shadows all the time. With a little bit of retouching from us, a photo can go from mediocre to professional.

●      Freelance photographers:

Freelance photographers also avail of this service quite a lot. With their busy routines and fun gigs, it is often more convenient to let us professionals deal with the shadow effect. It saves them both time and energy. If you are in any of the above categories, our services are catered to you. We are experienced in serving these people.

And, even if you are someone just starting out with photography, getting a few photos retouched by professionals might just give you the creative insight you need to improve your game!

When Do You Need to Drop Shadow Services?

Drop shadows can be used in a plethora of scenarios. They can be used to create and remove focus, depending on what you want. Most of our clients use our drop shadow services in the following cases-

●      Similar color palettes:

If you are creating a company logo or text with a very limited color palette, you will understand the need for drop shadow. With most minimalistic designs, the color palette is very limited and the text can often blend into the background. That is where a drop shadow can make wonders happen.

We apply a subtle drop shadow to the text of the subject of the photo to create a feathered 3D effect. This helps the subject stand out and grab attention.

●      Visual Enhancement:

A stark drop shadow behind a text can create a lot of character and focus. It is often used to give a label a retro feel. Many many vintage businesses prefer our hard drop shadow services.

●      Long Shadow:

This is a comparatively newer trend and is frequently used to give label movements. Especially with minimalistic designs and simple colors, symmetric long shadow adds a lot of dimensions and life to a flat logo or text.

●      Background Fix:

Most of the time after the background is removed from a photo to give it a cleaner look, the subject becomes flat. It looks artificial and anatomically incorrect. To fix that, we use drop shadow.

Why Choose Us?

Like every other skill, a drop shadow is nothing you cannot learn on your own. Then why come to us? Let us explain-

Industry Expertise:

We have talented and experienced people working for us who have done many many similar projects. We know to what degree a drop shadow might be beneficial.

A very novice mistake we frequently see is overdoing the drop shadow. This can reverse all the good work done on a photo. With our services, you don’t have to worry about that at all. We have worked on enough projects to know the difference.

Fast Delivery:

We have a fast turnaround time. If you try to do a drop shadow on your own, it will most likely take you a couple of days. With us, you can use your time doing more meaningful work while we take care of the mundane.

Reasonable Rates:

We try to keep all of our services within the reach of our customers. So, like every other service available on our website, our drop shadow services also come at a very affordable price point. Get a quote today!

If you would like to know more about our drop shadow service or book a deal, feel free to contact us!