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Our Pricing Competitors are all around the web and there is nothing to hide about pricing. Everyone trying to offer their best capable price for the customer, so do we. Below is our starting price for all the major services we offer. For custom pricing, you can always ask for a custom quotation submitting our quotation form here or contact us in any way following the way we offer on our contact us page. Below is the starting price.
Name Of Services Available Service Category Starting Prices
Others Related Services Any Type Price Upon Review
Clipping Path Service Regular / Multi-Path / Overlapping US $0.50
Background removal service White / Color / Transparent US $0.50
Color correction service Based on requirement US $0.50
Neck joint service Any BG Color / Transparent US $1.00
Photo retouching services Any BG Color / Transparent US $1.50
Image masking service Any BG Color / Transparent US $1.00
Raster to vector service Any BG Color / Transparent US $1.00


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